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In our online antiques shop you’ll find a wide range of items for sale. We aim to source the unusual, the quirky, if not already, the future collectable & antique. Many of the Antiques & Collectables are £50 or less making them affordable to collectors, perfect as home decor pieces, and also those wanting to purchase a relatively inexpensive gift.

Something Large – Something Small

The antiques & collectables trade has always been susceptible to trends and today it is no different. These trends might be in terms of item type, the brand or maker, the material type, or perhaps the size. The last example could be explained by homes getting smaller, so in the case of antique furniture there’s less room for display. Pretty much a rarity these days is a room featuring a display cabinet. Once again the space factor is a consideration. Here in the Antiques Forum shop we have a range of products that include a good mix of item sizes. From large collectable display boards right down to a rare coin so there’s something for every one, and every room (or house) size!

Online Antiques – Delivery

With a good range of courier and postal options we’re able to ship items no matter their size. Unlike some trades and shops we don’t mark up the price of packing or delivery charges. You’ll only be charged what it costs us to pack and send to your address. The item prices listed on here include P&P to all mainland UK destinations. We happily ship to, and welcome overseas customers, and again we’ll only charge you the cost price, so no mark-up costs involved.

Have a browse for brilliant gift ideas, find a collectable, antique or a home decor piece. Search our online antiques shop now, and if you follow us on social media you’ll be the first to see each new addition to the website.

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