Nils Thorsson – Designer & Ceramic Artist

Nils Thorsson, Aluminia, Large Dish

 Born (1898) in Eslöv Sweden, Nils Johan Thorvald Thorsson began his career as a ceramic artist and designer at the age of thirteen when he was apprenticed at the Aluminia Factory in Copenhagen.

He studied at the Royal Danish Academy and graduated in 1917. It was a little over ten years later (1928) that he was appointed as Artistic Director, in the same factory of Aluminia where he first started, his post there lasted for forty-one years.

As a designer Thorsson’s output was varied. His naturalistic work often featured fish, butterfly, and bird patterns. His designs often included within panels could also be labelled as abstract or geometric.

During his long career at Royal Copenhagen Thorsson was one of the factory’s most productive designers responsible for many of the their best known ceramic ranges.

Nils Thorssons range of ceramics he designed and collaborated on include:

Solburg during the 1930s
Marselis (for Aluminia) in the 1950s
Tenera his own design 1960s
The Baca series (again his own design) in the 1960s
In the 1970s, the Diana pattern.

Lesser well known are other ranges that were collaborative with other respected designers. These were produced in smaller quantities and these differed in terms of the object type, design style and glaze.

Thorsson passed away in 1975 in Copenhagen. His legacy of innovative and appealing Scandinavian ceramic design, often referred today as ‘Mid Century Modern’ his work is sought after by many a collector.